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What do you care about SO much that you’d be willing to get the hell out of your own way in order to do it? In the last few months, as I grappled with this question in my own life, I started to notice a Read More »
What does it mean to lead like a woman? With the public eye on this historic election, new women’s conferences popping up across the globe, and membership in women’s organizations on the rise, a different answer to this question seems to be on the Read More »
At 36 years old, I have never had a formal mentor. Yet over the past 12 years, I completed two Masters’ degrees, lived and worked in five cities (both in the US and abroad), successfully navigated two major career transitions and started a successful business of Read More »
Do, or do not, there is no try. – Yoda A few weeks back, I noticed that my clients weren’t getting back to me. It happened slowly at first, then one at a time our conversations, commitments, appointments and even payments started to slide. It was Read More »

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