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“This is what liberty sounds like…” The opening line of the eight-minute film at the Philadelphia Liberty Museum was accompanied by a stark black screen. In the auditory background, in full surround sound, the clanging of a bell, human voices were laughing, talking, shouting above the Read More »
“I commit to…” losing five pounds. Getting enough sleep every night. Eating well. Doing the thing I should do that I don’t really want to do but everyone else seems to be doing in order to feel, look or be better. These days, when we Read More »
What does it mean to be a starting point? As we near the holiday season, wishes for peace on earth abound, from traditional musical refrains floating over the airwaves on local radio stations, to a heightened awareness of the human condition, both locally and in locations Read More »
What are you grateful for? Around this time of year, you may be feeling grateful – for family, for friends. For the myriad of blessings in your life that you overlook during the usual daily grind. Yet around this time of year, you may also be Read More »
In her world renowned Ted talk, researcher-storyteller Brené Brown reminds us of the original definition of courage: “to tell the story of who we are with our whole heart.” This collection of words touches me deeply this week, as I consider the depth of what it Read More »
Last week, as I was reflecting on the reasons we run from the empty space in our lives, I had the pleasure to chat with a good friend by phone. Like me, she had run out of excuses for running, and was sitting in silence in Read More »
Sometimes I wish I weren’t so busy. “If only…” I hear myself saying out loud. “If only I had more time, I would…” Fill in the blank. I’d spend more time with my friends. Call my mother. Cook a delicious meal. I’d finally Read More »

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