Nia Technique

Fusion Fitness Classes for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Done BAREFOOT to diverse and inspiring music, Nia Technique is a unique and invigorating fusion fitness class. Nia draws from DANCE, MARTIAL ARTS, and healing arts like YOGA to create safe, joyful movement that engages your body, mind and spirit.

Nia Technique Dance

Benefits of NIA

  • Nia blends many diverse fitness benefits into a single class format. You will feel alive and rejuvenated after just one hour of Nia.
  • Nia works with the design of the body, so you can get exactly what your body needs without overdoing it. And you’ll feel amazing after doing Nia.
  • Nia is creative and fun. You will never get bored in a Nia class.
  • Nia class is welcoming to all kinds of bodies and all experience levels, with zero judgment. Nia gives you permission to be yourself.

Want to discover what Nia can offer YOU? Stay tuned for local Nia Technique classes and events. For more information about the global practice, visit:

Nia is like chocolate… you have to taste it!

Current Classes

We are currently setting up new classes in the Philadelphia area, and frequently offer special Nia Technique events across the country. We can also recommend other local Nia teachers.

If you know of a venue that would be interested in offering Nia Technique classes in Philadelphia, please contact me at



After just two dance classes with LeeAnn I am amazed to notice how different my body feels. My posture has changed and I feel re-connected to the trunk of my body. As a consequence my back pain has really eased. I feel really good!

Barbara Boxhall, Stillness Retreats Director

LeeAnn’s unique mix of dance and gentle coaching inspires me to be more aware of the sensations in my body and what I can do to support my own health. I also appreciate the bits of humor and always smiling face she brings to class. It’s a joy.

Lucky Dolan

I love dancing with LeeAnn for the sense of freedom it gives me to really express myself. Movement opens up a world where I can be creative and move my own way to music that makes me feel young and sexy without any judgments. My fitness has changed immensely, and I feel truly wonderful.

Mandy Paley

What I love about the class with LeeAnn is that her joy of the dance fills the room. Her bubbly essence gives a warm invitation to join in and feel the benefits; I’m noticing changes already – even going at my “beginner’s” pace! thank you, so much.

Sara Verrall

Through movement, LeeAnn has given me the strength to take back control of my life. Dancing with her has given me a joy that I didn’t even know was missing. Her classes provide a GREAT workout that is FUN to do!

Mandy Smith

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