We help innovation leaders at mission-driven companies increase their impact and resilience through meaningful culture change.

For leaders of fast-growing companies and innovative, mission-driven teams, energy leaks can mean the difference between business-as-usual and wild success.

These leaks can take the form of people dynamics – avoiding confrontation, giving ineffective feedback, working around, dismissing unformed ideas or incomplete communication. They can also take the form of team members who over-drive to the point of burnout, or get caught in perfectionism and thus fail to meet bottom line business goals.

These energy leaks impact culture, engagement, retention and ultimately the financial bottom line. What’s more, they predictably stifle the natural process of innovation. These things matter… big time.

Since 2008, the S&P 500 has returned 121%, while companies that employees rate as great places to work have returned 218.5%.


How We Help

Our custom programs help you create a strong and sustainable company culture that both enables real innovation and deeply reflects the values of your evolving brand. Our services include consulting, org 360 assessments, strategic retreats, leadership & innovation training, and executive coaching.

Our ideal clients are visionary leaders who see the potential for their team to proactively contribute to the business bottom line by shooting for the stars, while also cultivating a presence that invites team members to approach their work with energy, meaning and purpose.

Teams we work with report increases in clarity about the company values, more confidence in their capacity to tie innovation efforts to the company’s core financial goals, and over 50% more time spent “on mission.” Teams members also report more energy, increased trust, less frustration, more proactivity and a greater sense of connection with fellow teammates.

Our programs support teams to stop the energy leaks and lead with renewed purpose.

  • more energy and engagement
  • more proactive communication and action
  • less avoiding critical actions outside the comfort zone
  • more trust and collaboration
  • more authentic communication
  • less energy lost to worrying, gossiping, judgment and blame
  • more clarity about important values and goals
  • more time spent on the critical mission
  • more “strategic leadership” vs. “management”

The Bottom Line

Increased financial gains due to enhanced innovation and creativity

Increased impact on both key customers and internal stakeholders

Increased team attraction and retention


Our clients are visionary leaders who want to consciously craft their company culture to support innovation. They also care about improving the work habits of their team members, in alignment with core values and important financial goals. We partner with CEOs, EVPs, division presidents and core project team leads to create people-driven change that lasts.

Most of client partners fit into three categories:

    • Evolvers: small to mid-sized companies committed to evolving the existing culture, products and/or processes, in order to meet changing industry demands
    • Incubators: early to mid-stage start-ups ready to build an intentional culture of powerful, innovative leadership from the ground up
    • Innovation Teams: innovation teams in large organizations charged with leading a critical strategic initiative, developing new products/services, stewarding major culture change, or improving environmental / social impact


Our programs spark innovation, while stopping the energy leaks that lead to burnout and inefficiency. We do this by teaching a series of embodied competencies that help team members bring their best selves to work. Literally, we help teams “walk their talk.”


We love to support leaders who are championing a culture “upgrade,” and need their teams to rise to the challenge. For example…

    • You are launching a new marketing campaign or sales process that calls for behavior change.
    • You are entering an important new market, or are leading a newly constructed innovation team.
    • You have recently undergone a merger or acquisition, and want to orient new leaders to important company values.

Our Offerings

Strategic Retreats: Values, Team Building & The Bottom Line

Strategic Retreats: Values, Team Building & The Bottom Line

Our custom designed off-site retreats are built to move your team forward on mission critical initiatives while building connection and trust among team members.

Embodied Leadership & Business Development Training

Embodied Leadership & Business Development Training

We help leaders in your organization learn to powerfully “walk their talk,” through custom training sessions that pair body-based mindfulness techniques with targeted conversation about each participant’s key areas for growth.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Learn the truth about why it’s not easy to make “next level” leadership moves… and how to change that. We coach leaders toward practical, tangible growth. We also offer custom 360 feedback assessments to kick off the coaching process.


I really appreciate LeeAnn’s style of support. She has a depth of emotional knowledge and experience, and gets things on many levels. Her approach makes me feel really comfortable laying it all out on the table. I don’t feel I have to hide who I am when I work with her. I also don’t have to explain a lot to her. It’s as though she’s already got me, even before I start talking sometimes. Since our work together, I’ve stopped making myself run a marathon every day, and started recognizing that I want to enjoy today. I’ve started making myself the most important thing in my life… even when it means I have to say “no.”

Lee Pope, Small Business Owner, Virginia

LeeAnn’s coaching style is very direct yet compassionate. Through her coaching, I learned the real meaning of empathy and opening my heart while improving my work life balance. She also helped me in defining the leader I most want to be, re-sparking my passion, and gearing up for a role change.

Cetin Duransoy, Fortune 200 Financial Institution

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