We are Leading in Motion.

We help visionary leaders build sustainable, high-impact teams by stopping the energy leaks that feed burnout and stifle performance.

Despite efforts to maintain high performance over time, leaders & teams often leak energy.

It’s human nature! When we’re moving fast, it’s easy to get disconnected from one another, our own bodies and our deeper values. We end up working harder with diminished returns. In the past 30 years, levels of stress have gone up by over 30%, and 96% of leaders report feeling burned out. Yet most “corporate wellness” programs don’t meet these needs head on, failing to address the deeper integration of well being, sustainability and day-to-day leadership.

Our programs teach concrete leadership & energy management skills, build values alignment, and shed light on critical self-defeating habits.

Leaders who complete our programs report over 25% increases in energy, and 15% increases in time spent “on mission.” They also report greater momentum, greater clarity about their values, and a greater capacity to act in alignment with those values.

Our vision is that all people can live & lead from a stance of embodiment, authenticity, inspiration, and personal sustainability.

Our clients report…


LeeAnn’s coaching style was very direct yet compassionate. Through her coaching, I learned the real meaning of empathy and opening my heart while improving my work life balance. She also helped me in defining who is the leader that I most want to be, re-sparking my passion and gearing up for a role change.

Cetin Duransoy, Fortune 200 Financial Institution

I was introduced to LeeAnn Mallorie about two years ago when I was asked to attend leadership development and she was selected as my coach. I fought her up until I met her. I pushed, and she hung in there with me while I worked thru some very challenging issues. I respect LeeAnn and value her guidance. She helped me thru some very difficult issues. I trust her and respect her work. She is a shiny light in this most difficult world.

Danielle Phillips, Vice-President of Human Resources, Garlock Sealing Products

I can’t say enough about the value LeeAnn Mallorie has added to my professional development journey. She has revolutionized the lens through which I see myself — driving me to approach professional challenges in new, more productive and more satisfying ways — for both me and my organization. Her style prompts valuable self-reflection on my behavior as a leader. She has a keen ability to listen carefully, probe honestly and dissect issues in a way that leads to better outcomes. And she’s not afraid to challenge me when I fall into my old traps! LeeAnn’s guidance has broadened my perspective, heightened my awareness and improved my confidence — and for that I’m deeply grateful.

Joseph Stefko, President/CEO CGR

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