We help bring ENERGY to your events with interactive keynotes, workshops and unique main stage “energy breaks.”

Are you organizing a corporate event?

If so, you’ve put hours of thought into the minute details of your guests’ experience. You know you’ve got a great conference planned. And you’re looking to make it even better.

THIS is exactly what we’d love to do for you. We SPECIALIZE in EMBODIMENT. That means we can take any intention, feeling, quality, goal, or topic and translate it into powerful movement – and we can lead your group to do it too.

LeeAnn Mallorie, founder and CEO of Leading in Motion, is a dynamic facilitator of movement, energy & conversation.

LeeAnn’s passion is supporting leaders and teams to thrive. She believes that thriving requires leaders to tap into the wisdom of their physical bodies, in order to make powerful new leadership moves. As a way of walking her talk, she designs her keynotes, workshops and signature “energy breaks” to be both interactive and relevant to your audience.


Interactive Keynotes & Workshops

Our keynotes & workshops are interactive and relevant to your audience. In these sessions, we encourage leaders at all levels to embody their deeper goals. Through powerful mindfulness practices, interactive dialog and vivid stories, we illustrate ways to access the wisdom of the body. We frequently address common “energy leaks” that stump leaders and teams, and highlight unseen places of leverage.

Sample Keynote – Sustainable Leadership: What Does it Take to Thrive?


In-Motion “Energy Breaks”

We also offer unique, main stage “energy breaks” for conferences and events. Around the world, people use music and movement to bring large groups together. Through music, feelings are expressed, intentions are set, and community members come into alignment – literally people “tune in” to one another. Through movement, energy is stirred, excitement builds, and the great ideas in our minds are expressed through our bodies – literally we “embody” what we stand for. We specialize in tailoring our 5-minute movement activities to suit your audience and theme.

More Information – In-Motion “Energy Breaks”

Speaker Background

LeeAnn-Mallorie-SpeakerLeeAnn Mallorie is the founder and CEO of Leading in Motion. Her passion is supporting leaders to walk their talk. LeeAnn began her journey to blend movement and leadership in 1997 at the University of Michigan, where she facilitated intercultural leadership dialogs for underclass students, and served as a featured baton twirler at the last National Championship Rose Bowl. LeeAnn now draws on over 10 years of leadership training and executive coaching experience, plus a lifetime of study in the areas dance, martial arts and somatics. She is trained by the Strozzi Institute school of Embodied Leadership, and is also a Nia Technique and Dancing Freedom instructor. Some organizations impacted by her work include Nasa, Capital One, Lexis Nexis, M&T Bank, Mattel, Artech Inc Taiwan, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation and the US Naval Air Systems Command.

LeeAnn’s energizers were fun. I enjoyed the fact that it broke up a week of sitting still and helped me start my day. Some were challenging, but they were also really accessible. I felt so much lighter as I went back to the conference.

Tom Kunz, Shell Oil Company, USA

The movement we did was fun. I enjoyed the fact that it broke up a week of sitting still and helped me start my day. It was also really accessible. You can adapt all of the movements to be harder or easier to suit your needs.

Kathy Seals, Naval Air Systems Command, USA

I really appreciate LeeAnn’s style of support. She has a depth of emotional knowledge and experience, and gets things on many levels. Her approach makes me feel really comfortable laying it all out on the table. I don’t feel I have to hide who I am when I work with her. I also don’t have to explain a lot to her. It’s as though she’s already got me, even before I start talking sometimes. Since our work together, I’ve stopped making myself run a marathon every day, and started recognizing that I want to enjoy today. I’ve started making myself the most important thing in my life… even when it means I have to say “no.”

Lee Pope, Small Business Owner, Virginia

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