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In general, emotions can be tricky territory. Are they good? Bad? Useful? Problematic? Let's face it – those of us who work in professional contexts receive a lot of mixed messages about our emotions these days. On one hand, popular culture still suggests that emotions should Read More »
“The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.” - Cast of Rent When I think about the fundamental reason why I do the work I do every day, the answer always comes back with resounding clarity: so that people – the people I know, love Read More »
When I was five years old, I attended my first wedding. I remember standing in the middle of a wooden dance floor, rocking gently. I was wearing a pretty purple dress, and a giant bow in my hair. All around me, friends and family members were Read More »
What does it mean to lead like a woman? With the public eye on this historic election, new women’s conferences popping up across the globe, and membership in women’s organizations on the rise, a different answer to this question seems to be on the Read More »
Why don’t we dance? When I was a small girl, about 5 or 6 years old, my grandmother took me to a wedding. I wore a pretty dress and white patent leather shoes. I remember it very clearly: the tall cake on the table. The bride Read More »
O’ how I am not yet free, let me count the ways. In the moments when I sit back and look at the number of dollars in my bank account and think to myself, we’ll get there. When the dollars are just enough, then… then Read More »
Imagine you had a very dear friend… And each morning, that friend came to you with a request for support. Please help me, for I have been faced with hardships. Please help me find my way through to the other side. And because you loved her Read More »

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