The Solution

Our Mission is to help leaders stop the energy leaks that stifle innovation and lead to burnout, so that they can thrive.

Our programs address three key areas of embodiment, and the three areas of potential they help to unlock.

Our Offerings

We offer custom consulting, training and coaching that is built upon cutting-edge technologies like Positive Psychology and body-based mindfulness techniques. By encouraging leaders to tap into the wisdom of their own bodies, we are boldly redefining what it means to make “good choices” in business.

Our programs are unique in their depth, and their capacity to create lasting change. We help clients develop thriving personal lifestyles and supportive company cultures that align with their most potent goals.



We help mission-driven companies improve innovation, leadership and resilience through meaningful culture change.


Women Leaders

We help visionary women stop the energy leaks that feed burnout, and build the confidence to lead positive change.



We help bring life to your events through interactive keynotes, workshops and unique main stage “energy breaks.”

A Different Value Proposition

We teach innovation using the tools of embodied leadership. In plain speak, that means literally “walking your talk.”

We believe that forward progress starts in a leader’s physical body, and has ripple effects in the communities and organizations they serve.

When leaders tap into the wisdom of their bodies, they make choices that spark creativity, build energy, and help sustain high-performance over time. They also make more innovative new moves that contribute to the business mission and bottom line.

The Solution

Our Mission is to help leaders stop the energy leaks that stifle innovation and lead to burnout, so that they can thrive.

Our programs address three key areas of embodiment, and the three areas of potential they help to unlock.

When you spend energy and forget to re-juice, you can end up feeling exhausted. Learn to “make new moves” that cultivate more energy, so that you can lead sustainably.
When your mind gets the better of you, it’s easy to waste time and energy feeling emotionally triggered by challenging relationships. Learn to manage stress and emotions, so that you can make a real impact.
When you are being pulled in multiple directions, it’s easy to lose focus on what matters. Learn to navigate multiple stakeholders, so that you can spend more time “on mission” doing the most important things for your mission and bottom line.

By the way… we also teach dance.

We find that when people dance, something powerful gets unlocked – an unexpected potential that has been lying dormant for too long.

Despite some awkwardness and fears, we find that many people are longing to dance. Many of those people also have great reasons why they can’t or shouldn’t dance! Yet vulnerability – having the courage to go beyond your comfort zone – can often open hidden doors.

So… would you like to dance?


Fusion fitness classes for the body, mind & spirit


Oneness includes everything… no exceptions!

I met LeeAnn at one of the more challenging points in my life. Outwardly, I would have been considered successful, but I was struggling inside. Through coaching with LeeAnn, I made some dramatic shifts. Her support helped me see how my actions were getting me exactly what I didn’t want – pushing people away, feeling like a victim, and living in fear. By meeting me where I was and holding me accountable in a compassionate way, LeeAnn helped equip me to make better choices at work. Now I am more centered than ever, and have more joy in my life. LeeAnn helped me to recognize that the present moment is a beautiful gift.

Danielle Scaturro, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, New York

I really appreciate LeeAnn’s style of support. She has a depth of emotional knowledge and experience, and gets things on many levels. Her approach makes me feel really comfortable laying it all out on the table. I don’t feel I have to hide who I am when I work with her. I also don’t have to explain a lot to her. It’s as though she’s already got me, even before I start talking sometimes. Since our work together, I’ve stopped making myself run a marathon every day, and started recognizing that I want to enjoy today. I’ve started making myself the most important thing in my life… even when it means I have to say “no.”

Lee Pope, Small Business Owner, Virginia

LeeAnn’s coaching style is very direct yet compassionate. Through her coaching, I learned the real meaning of empathy and opening my heart while improving my work life balance. She also helped me in defining the leader I most want to be, re-sparking my passion, and gearing up for a role change.

Cetin Duransoy, Fortune 200 Financial Institution

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